“...Kring had been surfing in another day, listed on no calendar,with no clock, a day fragile and of unspeakable beauty.m the book
Tales from an
Endless Summer

A Novel of the Beach

by Bruce Novotny

“Beach reading in the truest sense.... It is a tale of restlessness mixed with contentment, fringed by a knowledge of magic spawned by tides and coated with sand....”

— The Asbury Park Press

205 pages
6" x 9" Softcover
ISBN 0-945582-31-5

ISBN 978-0-945582-30-4

For hardcover, please allow additional time for delivery. Also available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.



It's been a summer to remember for Kring, a twenty-something spending a season on Long Beach Island with his friends. Already famous for surfing a wave he never surfed, he’s entered into a rivalry with one of the world’s top surfers, and joined an artists colony whose only creative talent is for partying.

Tales From An Endless Summer is a slice-of-shore-life novel that combines the soul-searching of early adulthood, the ecstasy of surfing, and the barefoot quality of a summer by the sea. It’s a crazy and comical universe filled with would-be artists, musicians, and poets. It’s a story of surfing and love, extraordinary sunsets and strange dreams, wild parties, and the eternal quest for the meaning of life after Labor Day.


Novotny has captured the essence of the summer shore and everything which makes it so wondrous, especially the mystical effect the place can have on people if they allow it.... Tales is far above a mere mindless screed to the joys of waveriding. It’s an analog of the transience of youth, the realization of which, when it inevitably comes, is so wrenching.

—The Central Record, Medford


This summer’s greatest beach novel for the Jersey Shore should remind us all of that thin line between growing up and growing old...

— Summer Times Islander, Long Beach Island


East coast surfing gets its due.

— Quality Paperback Book Club 1998 Calendar


“The abundance of the ocean today was a long-dreamt-of wealth these waveriders were willing to squander, that they could not keep for themselves. Kring could taste it when he surfaced after his first wave, it was the combustible mixture of adrenaline and seawater, and it coursed through his veins, flooded him more quickly, more powerfully than any emotion, any drug...”

Bruce Novotny was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, just before the legendary coastal storm of March 1962. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, where he co-founded the campus humor magazine. He represented Cambridge University in the British universities soccer tournament, while doing a year of post-graduate work there. A true local on the sands of Long Beach Island, N.J., he surfed the island’s beach breaks, paddled his surf ski on Little Egg Harbor Bay, managed the family’s marina business, and wrote a contemporary culture column for the summer weekly Beachcomber in the late 1980s. After contemplating Jersey Shore sunsets for many years, he now lives in southern California where he is pursuing a carreer as a screenwriter. He is also a contributor to Shore Stories: An Anthology of the Jersey Shore. Tales From an Endless Summer is his first book.
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