"I think that there’s no truer place than an island. Whether it’s a sandbar or a bubble-up of volcanic rock or a jut of tropical coral, an island stands only by some whim of fate, given a chancy foothold among the chaos. When I go to an island, I know that I’m in that state of grace in which anything can happen."

— from the book

How to Live
On an Island

By Sandy Gingras

"It is a book that is easy to hold in your hand while your mind leaves each page to soar through the far reaches
of your imagination."

The SandPaper, Long Beach Island

6x6 full-color hardcover
55 pages
ISBN 0-945582-57-9

NEW $14.95
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With creative innocence in her brush and wry wit in her pen, island resident Sandy Gingras offers a delightful "How To" book that reminds us to "float" and "make a splash"; to "ebb and flow" and "run with waves" or "laugh like a gull"; to "sugar yourself with sand," to "walk tender," and to "thank."

With charming illustrations and inspirational wisdom, this endearing book gently encourages us to live life on simpler terms — whether your island is real or imaginary. It’s a refreshing gift book that one reviewer describes as "the perfect mini-addition to the coffee table."

How to Live on an Island gives us an opportunity to reflect on the most simple and important things. It’s a full-color illustrated philosophy that will enchant you.

Sandy Gingras is a writer, poet, and artist with her own design company who has turned her love of prose and her love of the seashore into her life’s work. Ms. Gingras is a longtime resident of Long Beach Island, on the New Jersey coast, where she is actively involved in efforts to preserve open space and wetlands. She lives there with her son and two cats. She has a Masters in English from Duke University, and has been involved in poetry and writing workshops. She has traveled extensively along East Coast beaches and islands and lived for a year in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

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