In a House by the Sea

By Sandy Gingras

"This book — an amalgamation of prose, poetry and illustrations — is a reminder to readers that happiness and the beach go hand in hand."

— Publishers Weekly

51/2" x 7 1/4" 72 pp.
ISBN 1-59322-013-8

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"The ability to describe that powerful mix of reality and dream and desire is what Gingras does so well. This gift, reflected in her earlier books, allows her to transcend her particular beach place and create something that all beach lovers (and probably those who don’t love the beach) can recognize. Charmingly serendipitous."

— The Beachcomber


Sandy Gingras shares the essence of what a beach house -- and beach life -- can be. In her inimitatable charming style, this delightful collection features insightful essays, sweet prose and poetry, clever witticisms and of course the charming illustrations of Sandy Gingras.

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Sandy Gingras is an artist and writer with her own design company called "How To Live." She and her son and three cats live near the beach in New Jersey, where she is active in efforts to preserve open space and wetlands.


Outside Shower

How to Build a Castle


I may be the perfect audience for the new book by Sandy Gingras, In A House By The Sea. After all, I do live in one which I guess makes me a "beach woman". Although I can’t say I always achieve the verve of Gingras’s "beach woman". I’m not always capable of closing my eyes and letting it be when the house is a welter of sand toys and wet beach towels, for instance. Still, a close association with the vast pathlessness of the ocean has made me a little better at embracing change and navigating life without, as Gingras succinctly puts it, a map.

"In In a House by the Sea, the reader gets into a beachy mood without ever having gone to a beach. A must-read for anyone seeking solace by the shore."

— Joan Anderson, author of A Year by the Sea, An Unfinished Marriage, and A Walk on the Beach

“The house of the book’s title means more than a roof, four walls and a porch. It’s that psychic place that we all try to reach where the important dominates the petty. It’s a place where life can be lived for every glorious moment: every dawn, every sunset, every storm.”

— The Beachcomber

A “collection of short essays, stories, poetry and illustrations that touch on just about every aspect of beach life at its best, full of daydreams and hopes, solitude and togetherness, beauty, relaxation and blissful contentment.”

— The SandPaper

A “heartwarming and sometimes funny mix of prose, poetry and illustrations”

— The Press of Atlantic City

“In her delightful In a House by the Sea, Sandy Gingras evokes how good things can be when you and your environment are in happy agreement.”

— Stephen Dunn, 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winner for poetry, Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

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